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Digital Advertising

At Look North we create and produce digital advertising campaigns for some of the worlds largest brands including Honda, BMW, Tanquery, ESPN, and more. Of course we have experience with DoubleClick, Google, Broadstreet and other leading ad serving platforms. But beyond that we understand what makes digital advertising “good”. We use technology to engage the visitor while also ensuring a positive experience with the publisher. And we stay true to current campaigns and branding to ensure a consistent experience with a brand.

We know the business


We work closely with agencies concept, design and deliver creative that is on brand and in spec based on publisher requirements. Internal processes for managing and testing prior to delivery ensure graphic and code files will work the first time. And we are always up for more complex requests that let us flex our creativity and deliver something truly unique.


By working directly with publishers to support their ad ops we can ensure a smooth transition from pitch to sale and through deployment of even the most sophisticated campaigns. We love aligning with sales people and engineers to define what is possible, and then execute. We can work alongside publishers in-house teams for everything from brainstorming to production and we can provide remote support for even more productivity.

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Design & Production

Display Advertising

It’s no secret that our founder got his start with digital advertising as one of the first DoubleClick employees, designing and building display and sponsorship advertising for advertisers such as Gap, Kodak, Nokia. Since that time display advertising has evolved significantly. What once was animated GIFs under 16kb are now HTML units incorporating animation, streaming video and multiple engagement options. With technologies such as augmented/virtual reality and artificial intelligence becoming more mainstream you can just imagine what might be possible.

At Look North we design and build display advertising that works by combining best-practices with leading technologies to create engaging, bandwidth-friendly units that confirm to publisher or ad platform specifications. We test our campaigns using modern tools and deliver using a sophisticated creative/asset platform. And we make sure our clients are informed each step of the way using an online project management platform.

Social Media Advertising

We understand the importance and effectiveness of advertising on todays top social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. We create advertising that is engaging and memorable, sharable and fun. We work closely with agencies to ensure creative performs well and provide appropriate alternatives for testing purposes.

Sponsorships and Content Advertising

Look North can help design and produce highly integrated sponsorship advertising based on campaign and publisher requirements. Whether the specifications call for a simple graphic placed within content or templates or a more elaborate experience with content, video or interactivity we can help plan, design and build the required assets quickly and within spec.

the tools

Platforms & Technologies

We have chosen the tools and technologies we use to ensure our work is reliable, effective and compatible. Our team continuously evaluates new tools to ensure we're always using the best options available.

all brands, large and small

We have delivered work for some of the largest brands in the world...and some of the smallest.

top brands

Working with top brands is both exciting and rewarding. Often large brands have comprehensive branding and style guides to ensure our work is on brand. It is our job to take those guidelines and ensure the units we design stand out.

we will make it work

While IAB standard sizes are most common, some publishers require sizes or specs that fall outside of those guidelines. We are able to work quickly with brands, agencies and publishers to ensure the work we deliver will do just that...work.

Digital advertising on lock

Today's websites are responsive, and their advertising should be also

Responsive design

We can create ads that either swap out to alternate creative or are responsive to the device being viewed on. And, because of modern ad servers often the same creative can be used both online and in-app...which can keep cost and complexity down for both brands and publishers.

What We Do